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Cancer Charity &
Volunteer Opportunities

Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc is a cancer charity located in Jacksonville, Florida, that is dedicated to making life easier for cancer patients, children, and their families. We also provide donations to cancer research organizations, as well as provide donations that make life more comfortable for cancer patients and families. We have volunteer opportunities available, as well, allowing you to make a direct impact on a patient with cancer treatment.

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We use donations to fund cancer researches and help with hotel expenses, unexpected expenses, and other necessities for patients and families. We also provide donations to assist with patient and family needs. Every donation to our cancer charity is used to support those who need it most, and all of our people are volunteers, so we have little overhead. You'll also be able to find more information, along with an annual car show coming soon for those who wish to take part in our annual cancer charity car show. All funds raised are used to help those in need.

Gregory Dunning

Volunteer Opportunities

To qualify for our volunteer opportunities, we look for a history of patient care experience, criminal background check, and empathy in all applicants.

We prefer volunteers with a background in cancer and cancer patients. There are no dues to become a member, but you will have to meet the founder of the organization before approval.

Did You Know That a Small Contribution Can Change a Life?

“Do I go in debt or pay my bills or put food on the table for my family this month?” This is a reality to so many families struggling through cancer treatment. For as little as $20/month, you can provide a  Toys for Children, food vouchers, hotel vocuhers, and meet their critical care needs. Your generous contribution can change a family forever. Dccca23.org



Are you an Amazon shopper? Did you know that you can support The Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc. Foundation simply by shopping? Visit AmazonSmile, enter our IRS number 83-2110725 and select The Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc. as your charity to support. It’s that simple.