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Ruth Dunning's life journey

Dorthy Ruth Dunning's Bio

Dorthy Ruth Dunning BSN RN-BC lived her life deeply rooted in her faith in God, serving others and never turning away from helping anyone in need. She spent the early part of her life serving in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, which later ignited her passion to pursue a nursing degree. Throughout Dorthy's nursing career, she received accolades for the exceptional and compassionate nursing care she provided. To family, friends, and co-workers, she was a beacon of light in living her faith and known for her enthusiasm to "do good for others." Dorthy's compassion for caring further extended to helping many animals in need. On May 19, 2017, Dorthy passed away due to a rare and aggressive form of sinus cavity carcinoma at the age of 42. Her husband, Gregory Dunning, established the Duval Car Club Cancer Aware Inc in her memory. The Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc will honor and continue Dorthy's legacy by also being a beacon of light in assisting cancer patients' emotional and physical needs during their cancer journey.

Dorthy Ruth Dunning

Dorthy Ruth Dunning

Dorthy Dunning was a special soul, almost an angel here on earth. Dorthy was an accomplished nurse, extremely skilled in caring for her patients. To her coworkers Dorthy was very helpful, always positive and always willing to help. Dorthy never had an unkind word to say about anyone or anything. She always looked for the best in people and situations. In addition to caring for people, Dorthy cared for those who were too weak and defenseless to care for themselves. Dorthy rescued animals and helped them finds forever homes and better lives. If you needed help, Dorthy was there for you. She was a tireless worker, dedicated and loving wife, and defender of the weak. We were fortunate to have Dorthy for the too short time that we had with her.

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