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I understand that the information collected herein is for the sole use of Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc. In evaluating my eligibility for membership with DCCCA23 may refuse or cancel membership for any reason at its own discretion. I understand that this application does not create any right to or infer membership.

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C4C Carshow

Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc. (DCCCA23). Our mission is to provide awareness and support to individuals and their family members diagnosed with cancer, while providing donations and support to local Cancer treatment facilities.

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Membership isn't required to be part of the car foundation. All vehicles are welcome to events.


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REGISTRATION: Vendor Forms must be submitted 4 weeks before the event!

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Join Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness by becoming a cancer Ambassador. The goal of the program is to harness the power of those dedicated to sharing experiences and raising awareness. With your help, the foundation can connect to patients, families and community hospitals, physicians, and advocacy and partners.

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